Over the years a lot of things have been said about us. We left most of it out and only included some of the nice stuff!

"We are honored to recommend Hank and Beverly Beymer of Thrall as dedicated and fruitful evangelical Christians, loyal citizens, good parents and grandparents, good teachers, and good neighbors. We can also recommend them as excellent Gospel writers and quality publishers. They have a mighty anointing for teaching end-time revelation as well as for Gospel singing.

We have been privileged to worship with them in their home and in ours, in their Church and in ours, in revival meetings, and in Bible Study classes conducted both by them and by other teachers. Always we have been blessed by their devotion, knowledge, humility, and attitude of helpfulness. We have never hesitated to invite any of our friends to their home or their services. We know they will enrich your lives as they have ours."
Sincerely in Christ,
Pastors William "Bill" and Adelfa (Galvan) Davis
New Life in Christ Church and Christian Academy
Rockdale, Texas

"Your kindred spirit and hospitality was a delight and your beautiful music for the Lord was a joy. Both your trio and duet were superbly harmonious and your love for Jesus showed in every song. We would be very happy to have the chance to see and sing with you again in the future! Please keep up your wonderful ministry and may God bless you in every way."
Yours in Christ,
Dennis Cobb
The Christian Heirs Trio

"...we were so touched by their kindness, and by the presence of the Lord in their lives. They have such great family harmony, and are very precious and love the Lord with all their heart."
Carolyn Vaughn
Faithful Touch

"When I heard them sing, it was pure joy, they touched people with their voices and harmony. They have such a wonderful dedication to proclaiming God's love and His desire for all men to be saved. Their love for God is personified by their action and their lives that are dedicated to spreading the Word of God. The Spirit of God is definitely upon them and their voices ring out in pure harmony."
In His Service,
Dennis and Alice Rehders

"I would like to thank you for coming to the Bartlett State Jail. The Inmates and I were all blessed by the style of music and singing that you done. We were also blessed by the Word of God you preached. We highly recommend you, and we are looking forward to having you come back to Bartlett State Jail."
Clement W. Strmiska
Unit Chaplin

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